7 Smart Tips To Choose the Best Internet Provider

The global number of internet users per day is alarmingly increasing. With over 4.5 billion people having access to the internet.

Internet provider services have since been blooming. With the competition they have amongst each other every internet provider wants to provide the best services to attract more customers to their services.

Consumers like me and you want good value for their money. This article gives smart tips to choose the best internet provider.

1.  Read reviews

Before buying any product or services online it is a habit that most of us have to look at reviews. You want to know all there is to know about the product, the provider, how they handle customer complaints, and generally how other people view their products.

Britainreviews.co.uk  has made it easier for anybody to read reviews about UK telecom companies’ reviews and other essential services.

It was customer feedback from a lot of these companies that sell their services online. Before settling for any internet provider, be sure to look up reviews from other people.

2.  Determine the type of internet connection you want

Even before looking at other factors to consider you need to make a decision on what broadband connection you want.

There are four types of broadband connections; DSL, cable, fiber optics, and satellite.

The most common types being DSL internet and fiber optics internet. Fiber optics internet is a lot faster and reliable compared to DSL which is more affordable.

If it matters to you is affordability, you should consider DSL connections. However, if you want faster internet fiber optics with the best.

Your provider should also advise you on what connection best suits you.

3.  Availability

There are very fast internet service providers all over the country, but the only limiting factor to enjoy their services is in your location.

Some service providers limit their services to a particular location or area.

You must ensure that your internet provider has the service is extended to your place of residence of why you wanted to use it from.

4.  Speed

What are you need a high-speed internet connection is up to you. High-speed internet connection costs a lot more than

If you rely on the internet to make money,  that it is a no-brainer that you need a fast internet connection.

Some other factors that should help you determine the type of Internet speed you want the number of people you intend to share the connection with.

If you have a lot of smart gadgets or devices that need an internet connection in your home you may also want to increase your internet speed.

He’s a short speed guide to help you choose the type of speed you want;

Less than 5 Mbps – Checking email, social media, and streaming music.

  • 5 Mbps – Steam on HD on a single device
  • 40 Mbps- Stream on HD up to four devices
  • 100mbps- Stream on 4k with up to 4 devices.

Speeds higher than 500 Mbps are often very expensive and not recommended for individual use but for video gaming companies.

5.  Prices

It all comes down to the cost, doesn’t it? If the pricing wasn’t an issue we would all have very fast internet connection speeds.

Of course, we have no option of choosing how much we want to pay for a certain speed, it is often the discretion of the internet provider.

Narrow your options down to a few internet providers and compare their prices against the speed they offer.

In the UK the average internet bill is £0.62 per Mbps to £0.78 per Mbps depending on your location in the country.

The cost may go higher or lower depending on the internet providers as well.

6.  Extra cost

It may cost you a little extra to install and buy the internet equipment. Some of the best internet providers will give you a free router as a customer incentive for buying their services.

 This is something you should watch out for especially if you are actively looking to save money for internet services.

7.  Choose an internet plan

After your narrow down your options to a few potential internet providers, the next thing to do is choose an internet plan.

Internet providers often put out promotions, bundle deals, and discounts. Take all these factors into account before choosing an internet plan.

The key is to choose your internet plan by looking at the cost against speed. Often, additional costs like purchasing routers are a one-time cost and should not play much over the role when choosing an internet provider.