All about Aerial Footage and Drone Photography

The drone can take aerial photographs for a reasonable cost, it is capable of photographing as well. It captures a seaside landscape in the countryside, in the mountains or other specific places. It takes pictures of towns and villages, historical monuments, houses, etc. It immortalizes family, sporting and cultural events. Companies can also use drone footage to enhance their branding.

What is Aerial Footage?

Aerial photography is all these images captured at altitude, where the landscape is seen as a bird in flight would see it. As a matter of fact, there are experts who sell aerial footage online. This type of shot is especially useful in cartography, archeology, geology, aerial surveillance and in the military field, even if this practice also falls within the field of artistic photography. Aerial photography is done from a certain perspective, pointing the camera towards the horizon so that it can encompass a much larger landscape. The images locate us geographically and allow us to observe reality from an unusual perspective. Aerial photos are just as beneficial for professionals as they are for individuals.

Aerial Footage: An Ambitious Vision of your Projects

Aerial photography does not only optimize the performance of a project with different decision-makers. It makes it possible to integrate an undeniable notion of aestheticism into the branding of a project or a company. It is a strategic asset to stand out from the competition. To get those benefits, you can find professionals who sell aerial footage online. Photographing from the sky is the ideal way to highlight any subject. The photos thus taken can be delivered to you in the format you want, to be broadcast on all known media, cinema, television, newspapers, social media, websites, etc.

Regulations for Aerial Photography

Taking photographs in airspace with a drone, for commercial use, must be carried out by a professional. An official declaration of aerial photography and cinematography can also be required. Depending on the sector where the aerial photos must be taken, and the flight scenarios, the drone pilot will have to make requests for prefectural authorizations, our tele-pilot and professional photographer will manage all the administrative procedures, will fly over the area to be photographed, to deliver the aerial photographs you want. We advise to use a professional drone operator who will be at your service to take the aerial photos you want, in compliance with safety rules with requests for mandatory flight authorizations for the use of airspace by drones.