Evolution of Datacenter Management

Datacenters today have evolved over the past few years and have successfully cooled rooms that had housed numerous servers. The new age datacenters in an aim to minimize overall footprint, feature high density servers that need advanced power and cooling systems. Simultaneously, owing to the constant security threats, datacenters today also feature high-end security systems that are managed and monitored from remote locations.

Furthermore, technology innovations and high end IT systems have also brought in certain difficulties that have resulted data center management become a tedious process. Conventionally, datacenters have been very static till sometime back. Majority of enterprises who went on to become IT enabled has established datacenters with several or few physical servers by following a straightforward approach in managing these set ups.

It was observed that an IT team would take responsibility of the server sprawl while the facilities team managed the power, cooling and building management. These two teams communicated with each other when a team was tracking any issues to a component being managed by the other team or whilst making changes in the data center. These teams did not have real-time insight into each other’s activities.

However, depending on the research and findings on energy requirements, enterprises today most often overprovision power and cooling capacities with an aim to cater to forthcoming demands. Furthermore, some companies make use of OEM software management solutions supplied by datacenter solution providers to manage the respective datacenter solutions.

Innovative Datacenter SolutionsMost enterprises want their IT infrastructure to help them grow and not drag down their potentiality by incurring heavy expenses on maintenance needs. No company wants to witness shrinking storage space, complaining IT engineers, overloaded servers and constant IT demons that would waste their money and time. In order to keep functioning in today’s competitive environment en enterprise needs to resort to innovative datacenter solutions. Leading internet datacenter service providers offers the following services:-

Furthermore, with economic change, datacenter space too acquired a premium that made power expenses soar. Companies found it complex to locate a space to set up additional server capacity and simultaneously provision power in a cost efficient way. Addressing this issue of space, enterprises to minimize space requirements resorted to blade servers that toned down a server to a compact form so that numerous servers could be accommodated at the same rack space.