How is Apple trying to get ahead of Android?

The rivalry between Apple and Android has been going since forever. Fans from all over the world spend hours arguing why Apple is better or why Android is better. If you open any forum or social platform, you will see the debate going over both parties. But as we all know, Android is pretty much cheaper than Apple, and that is why most people go towards Android to save their hard-earned bucks. Keeping that in mind, Apple is also not stepping back and coming up with ways to get ahead of Android in terms of offering more value to the users.

What ways is Apple using to get ahead of Android?

Let’s check some of the ways Apple is using to offer more value to its users.

  1. Different variants of phones every year

We see a very new iPhone released by Apple every other year, and every single phone that they release gets millions of sales from all over the world. What do you really think is the ultimate reason behind that? The reasons are the specs and features! The features and specifications they include in their phones are just unmatchable. You can surely get android phones cheaper than Apple phones, but if you prefer quality, Apple is enhancing it every other year. So isn’t it a great way to get ahead of Android? If you have finally decided to get a phone for yourself, either Android or Apple, you can check MyTrendyPhone to get whatever phone you want along with its accessories. Just make very sure to check all the specs and features not to regret your decision later. 

  1. Computing industry

Apple’s rivalry is not only with Android; Apple is trying to compete with the whole world. Apple has also been producing its Mac and Macbooks that work fast and are also really efficient for working and programming. If we keep the gaming aside, nothing can beat the Macbooks or Macs in terms of speed. Whatever you are planning to buy, make sure to find the reliable tech stores on suomiarvostelut to get the best deals possible with reliability and peace of mind. This is also the way Apple is trying to take over Android. If we talk about Apple’s competition in the computing world, it is with Microsoft and Chromebooks. Only the computing industry is enough to push Apple hard enough to get ahead of Android by miles. That is why people choose Mac over PC when they want to enhance their work.

  1. Production of Smartwatches and Fitness watches

As we all know that there are Android Smartwatches and Fitness watches too that the users can get. On the other hand, Apple has also been releasing top-notch smartwatches, and fitness watches to offer their users the best possible experiences. There is a slight difference between smartwatches and fitness watches, and the best thing is, you can find both of them manufactured by Apple. This is just another way used by Apple to get ahead of Android in all terms. 

Final Verdict

The best thing about Apple is that it does not only think about its future, but it is also thinking about how it can enhance future technology. This is why they are planning to beat everyone in the tech industry, whether they are phones, watches, computers, laptops, and whatnot!