These are the life lessons you can get from playing video games

Nowadays, none of us have ever played video games. At least you have played video games on your smartphone. But did you realize that some of these games carry a lot of life lessons?

That’s right, you know. The world of video games is inspired by the real world, so you can be sure that you will also get a lot of life lessons just by playing it. But oftentimes it is not realized.

Do not believe? Here are some examples of life lessons you can get.

1. Life gets harder every time you step

As you mature, your challenges will increase. Just like the difficulty level of the game that increases as the game progresses.

Like in the game, so that it is easy to pass these challenges you must gain experience. That also applies in the real world where you need more experience in life, in the beginning, to easily pass the challenges in the future.

2. If there are no challenges, then your direction is wrong

as quoted from, Life is supposed to be difficult. It is designed to be challenging and it gets more and more difficult as you progress.

If you go through easy challenges, it means you are not improving. You don’t get learning. So, don’t run from a fight. Face it.

3. Look for secrets and try side missions

It’s not just the game world that has this kind of thing. In real life too.

Sweeping the home page, arranging the lying books, all of those are side missions that you can do in reality. Seems simple and maybe useless, but in the end, you will feel the benefits in the future.

4. You have more than one life

In classic video games, you are sure to find the feature of many lives that is symbolized by the heart. It is like the case of facing life’s very difficult challenges.

There are times when you can’t get past it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a solution. Study. Even if it runs out, you can still try to repeat it from the beginning. The point is don’t give up.

5. The tutorial will help you later

There are many tutorials that you don’t think you need until a situation finally comes. Because going through it, you are overwhelmed to overcome it. Hmm, it feels like real life.

Surely we often hear, “Ah, I don’t want to learn languages. Not important.” That’s a big mistake. The more we are willing to learn simple things, the easier it will be for us to face life’s challenges.