Users can spend hours and hours watching photos, videos and Stories on Instagram. Therefore, it is one of the ideal platforms for brands to present their products and interact with users. This interaction is what represents the user’s level of commitment to the brand and is what is known as engagement on Instagram. You can only represent your brand on Instagram when you have numerous of follower on Instagram; buy Instagram followers help you in increasing the list of your follower on Instagram.

Having a high number will help reinforce the presence of your brand in this social network. However, that relationship will not be strengthened, nor will it last, if you cannot get that commitment from your audience. Recollect that quality is superior to amount! It does not only depend on the number of followers you have, but also depend on the quality of those followers. Neither the number of posts you make, but the engagement they get.

It is important that your brand has a good level of engagement, since in this way the user will create loyalty links and will feel motivated when commenting or liking your publications. You need to get likes for achieving good engagement on your you can also fulfil this task with the help of auto Instagram Likes.

Do you want to know how to increase engagement on Instagram? In this post, we tell you what you can do to improve interactions. In addition, you will find ideas for your posts on Instagram with real examples that you can carry out to achieve good results.

What to post to increase engagement on Instagram

Choose your favorite

Instagram is a social network where, more and more, brands give free rein to creativity. It is important to try to surprise the user with the content: specially cared photos, original videos or copies that attract attention and hook from the first moment. The text that accompanies your publications or the one that appears in the image itself can become your great ally.

One of the most used tactics to get comments on Instagram is to pose the user a “battle” or vote, in which they have to choose their favorite option between two or more products that are presented to them. It’s not always easy to get a comment out of the audience, so make things easy for it. Identify each option with an emoji. Thus, the user will have less effort to comment, what’s more, it will seem fun and your publication will be filled with emoticons.

Throw questions

Another idea that works very well is asking questions about user tastes. You can ask about their vacation plans, the series they are watching, or their favorite dish. They are the classic questions that people like to answer and see what others say, to get ideas.

If you want to go a little further and bet on something more original, we suggest you put a phrase with ellipsis and let the user finish the phrase.

Poses games and challenges

One of the funniest and hookiest options to attract the attention of users is to publish games and puzzles. In this case, emoji’s are once again a fun option to include in your publications. A classic that does not fail is to challenge the user to guess the movie that the emoticons hide, but it will always be better if you give it a twist and relate it to your brand or sector. That’s what Metro de Madrid did, out of tune for its users to guess suburban stations in emoji’s.

You can also resort to word searches or games in which the user must build a phase or characters, depending on their name or date of birth. Here are other examples for you to find inspiration.

Giveaways to generate engagement on Instagram

Giveaways on Instagram can become one of the best allies to increase engagement. With this type of action you will ensure that users interact with your publications, leaving a good number of comments, which will help improve your results.

In addition, to encourage participation, we advise you to choose an attractive prize, according to the effort that users must make to participate. Read on to find out the giveaway dynamics that work best to get more engagement on Instagram.

Feedback draw

In a comment draw, participants will have to comment by answering the question you ask in order to get the prize you draw. Try to be original and don’t ask something that takes too much time and effort for the user. It is better that the answers are short and of quality.

Giveaway with hashtag

In comment giveaways you have the option of asking users to include the hashtag of the action in their response. In this way, in addition to increasing engagement, you will be able to generate virality and brand image.

You also have the option of creating a raffle using hashtag, in which users are in charge of creating original content in order to win the prize. To do this, you will have to create a hashtag and challenge users to participate by uploading a photo or video using that hashtag. We advise you that the photos are of your products or services, to make sure that they are already your customers and reward them for their loyalty.