Mobile Applications That Work For You

Mobile Applications That Work For You
Mobile Applications That Work For You

Many of us have our cell phones with us virtually constantly. There are thousands of apps that do thousands of different things available at the push of a button. And a few of them can even earn you a little extra pocket change. And who could not use more of that in this tight economy? Article source: PersonalMoneyNetwork

Get your chores completed

TaskRabbit is a website and accompanying app for farming&lt out tasks and tasks. Alternately, it can be used to pick up some extra cash if you are willing to take on some of those tasks.

Another example of this is Gigwalk, which is an application that gives you tasks to do for cash. Since it only pays about $3 a minute to take photos or other comparable tasks, you may not be able to make some quick cash actually going out to do the job, but if you are already there, it can be a good idea. PayPal will take a cut of all your earnings, since that is the way payment is made, and fuel costs may be too high to make any cash for those who have to travel to each task.

Pays you to endorse goods

With the MyLikes app, you can use Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube or Twitter as a “Social Publisher” to promote products through your social media accounts. You earn more points with a higher “Social Score” and get points for every time somebody views, shares, or likes your post.

With WeReward, additionally you promote goods. You have to choose from the list of participating retailers and take photos of yourself using the product. Everybody will earn you a penny, and you also cannot cash out until you earn at least $10. It is going to take more work, and it can be more work than it is worth.

Spin on a yard sale

There is now an app that puts a virtual spin on that tried-and-true side-earner, the yard sale. The app, aptly called Yardsale, allows you to connect with people who want to buy your second-hand items, anytime and anywhere. And there are no parking worries or signs to put up.

Easyshift is an app that lets you take photos of merchandise while in a store and talk about your shopping experience. You can get $2 to $4 for every time you fill out the survey. This is one way of becoming a quick “mystery shopper.”